Mastering diabetes‘Got your lunch?’


‘Got your jumper?’


‘Got your homework?’


‘Okay. Grab your bag and let’s go!’

And that is how we walk out the door in the morning – after eating breakfast, getting dressed for school and brushing hair and teeth.

I then drop the kidlet at school and make my way to work.

I don’t think about what her BGL is doing throughout the day. I don’t think about what time her PE class is and if she ate all her morning tea beforehand. I don’t think about anything to do with numbers – other than knowing that she has her maths homework.

Kids have a lot to think about in their day. Kids with diabetes – and their parents and their teachers – have more to think about.

Jump over to the Diabetes Victoria blog where you can reads about the fabulous new resource launched today. It’s called Mastering Diabetes and it is going to help all children at school and childhood settings in Victoria.

It may have been a while ago, but I do still Remember the Days of the Old Schoolyard!