Snow in New York. January 2015

Diabetogenic is a blog about real life with type 1 diabetes. I’m Renza Scibilia and I live in inner-Melbourne, Australia. I’ve lived with type 1 since 1998 and for the last eighteen years I’ve used an insulin pump. These days I’m all about automation, and am more than happily Looping. I work for a diabetes organisation.

I speak a lot about diabetes. I present at conferences both here in Australia and globally and am a proud member of the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). I’m a diabetes consumer representative and a vocal advocate for ensuring the voice of the ‘patient’ is heard loud and clear.

My life isn’t about diabetes – there is so very much more. I live with my husband of twenty years and our beautiful fourteen year old daughter in an Edwardian house filled with far too many books, CDs and guitars. We also live with our cat and two dogs.

I spend a lot of time thinking about food, even more time eating it and far too much time baking cupcakes and brownies. Coffee may be my first love, but I can’t really admit that (see previous paragraph for reference to husband and daughter). I blame the food and coffee thing on being Italian!

I’ve started this blog to put a voice to some of the ongoing issues of living with the life-long condition that is type 1 diabetes. I hope that anyone reading gets something out of it.

Right now, it’s highly likely that I am wearing stripes, have a coffee in one hand, a spoonful of Nutella in the other and am thinking about moving my family to New York. I consider all of these things to be #BolusWorthy.


This blog does not provide medical information or advice. I write about my own experiences of living with diabetes but please don’t think that you should take on board what I’m doing and apply it to you. We’re all different and our diabetes varies. Significantly. Get thyself to an appropriately qualified healthcare professional to help yourself out with your own particular brand of diabetes.

Also, even though I may say otherwise, Nutella is not a food group. Neither is coffee.