It’s all about the Nutella!

This site provides general information about my experiences of living with type 1 diabetes. I’m not a health professional so please don’t consider what I write as anything other than my own story.

This site is for anyone who wants to learn more about the everyday, somewhat mundane realities of living a pretty everyday, somewhat mundane life with type 1 diabetes. You may also learn about what an inner-city Melbournite, wife to a musician, mother of one gorgeous little girl, caffeine addict with too many shoes does in her spare time. Again, I don’t recommend doing it yourself!

Anything you read here relates to my life with diabetes or things going on with my life. If I’m writing about diabetes-specific experiences it is not intended as medical advice for you to consider following. Feel free to print out what you read and take it along to your next HCP appointment to discuss with them and see how it applies to you.

If you yourself live with diabetes, you may find yourself saying ‘Oh – that happens to me too sometimes’; if you’re a parent of a child with diabetes, you may find yourself thinking ‘So that’s what my kid is going through at the moment’, if you’re a health professional, you may find yourself saying ‘Is that REALLY what people with diabetes think?’, if you’re my mum, you may find yourself shaking your head and pretending to disown me.

I hope you enjoy reading. I send virtual coffees and cupcakes to those who comment on my posts.

Want to advertise? Sorry – This website does not host any form of advertisement. If you’d like to tell me about a diabetes-related product, feel free. I’ll even try it out. But I won’t promise to write anything nice, or anything at all for that matter. Occasionally on this blog you’ll hear about products I’m using as part of my diabetes management. If they have been given to me free of charge, I’ll say that for all the world to hear. No money ever exchanges hands though. Although I’m happy for you to take me out for coffee and a chat!

Diabetogenic is fully funded my me, myself and I, and no external funding from any private or government organisation is received.

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