Next month the annual ADS-ADEA Scientific Meeting will be held in Melbourme. This is the leading diabetes conference in Australia and attracts diabetes healthcare professionals from all over the country and boasts a program of outstanding local and international speakers.

This year, for the first time, there will be a consumer stream as part of the conference. This is really exciting because it seems that finally, after many years of petitioning (by petitioning, I mean whining), people with diabetes are actually involved and encouraged to attend.

Details of the Consumer Outreach day are below.

ADS-ADEA Consumer Outreach

Someone has commented to me on Facebook that registration should be free for consumers and whilst I understand the reasoning behind that, I also know the costs involved in putting on a conference of this magnitude. I also know that sponsorship dollars are tight at the moment. I would urge anyone who wants to attend, but cannot afford it, to contact their local diabetes organisation and see if there is any way they can contribute to the costs.

I also know that having an event during the day on a Friday may not be ideal for many who work. But that’s the reality – conferences are held during the week. If you have any time in lieu owed, or an annual leave day you are prepared to take, this is a great way to spend it! Not only will you get to hear some interesting presentations, but it will be an opportunity to hang out with some incredibly awesome diabetes people.

Peer support for the win!


#OzDOC will be providing two scholarships to cover the cost of registration for the event. To apply, jump on Twitter and send a direct message to @OzDiabetesOC. Make sure you include your email address in your message. You’ll then receive an application form. See you there!


I am on the organising committee for the Consumer Outreach program. I am not receiving any payment for my involvement in this committee; however, my registration fee for the entire conference has been covered. I am also an invited speaker at the ADS-ADEA conference (at both the healthcare professional and consumer sessions and I have been involved in the submission of two abstracts that have been accepted for presentation at the conference).