Today at Diabetogenic Paul Buchanan is guest blogging for me. A couple of months ago, Paul asked me to guest blog for him. You can read that here. Paul has lived with type 1 diabetes since January this year and because he’s not the type of guy to sit back and wait for things to happen, he set up the #GBDOC Twitter and Facebook pages and a website, too. A couple of months ago, Paul asked me to guest blog for him. You canead that here. I was lucky to meet Paul at the EASD European Bloggers Summit earlier this month. There were lots of girly squeals (both of us) when we met. Take it away, Paul!

Ok, so I was diagnosed in January 2012 with T1 at the age of 44 – a bit of a shocker – but then it would have been a shock at any age. And another thing, I’m a grown up!  I’ve had to deal with some pretty serious things in my life so far, work, travel, relationships – I’ve got a few scars, I’ve been around the block a few times, so dealing with ‘the D’ shouldn’t be too tough, right?

I mean, I really am a lucky guy, ‘cos almost immediately I found the #doc (the Diabetes Online Community) and wow – talk about support!  There isn’t a question I can’t ask, there isn’t an issue I can invent, there isn’t a problem that exists that the #doc hasn’t got an answer for.  When I say “an answer” I really mean a thousand voices all crying out with advice and love and empathy!

And another thing, talk about technology!  2012 and I’m on these tiny weeny little 4mm 32 guage needles that mostly I can’t even feel going in (there is the odd ‘screamer’n’bleeder’!), I’m queuing up for a pump and will get CGM just as soon as those tight-fisted buggers at the NHS realise how much of a difference it makes in quality of life and start to fund them properly over here.

I’ve got mobile apps that help me track, well, everything really! I can email and text my Nurse Consultant (she is a goddess amongst HCPs). I’m back in training having now done my first triathlon, I’m signed up to do a 70.3 ‘half’ Ironman in 2013 and life is good!

So, yeah, bloody lucky!

Being a ‘grown up’ with a few years under my belt I don’t give a stuff if other people are offended by me testing or injecting in public, in a restaurant or in the shops!  I have no issues with telling people or answering questions, probably ‘cos it gives me chance to show off how much I’ve had to learn in the last six months, and I have never had to be a child with D.  I have never had to feel different, never had to be treated differently, never had to worry about ‘being just like everyone else’.  To all of you who were diagnosed as children, I salute you.  That you not only ‘survived’, but that you are all now a part of the #doc and so willing to help others is a testament to one of the demonstrable upsides of living with a chronic condition – you are all better people than nearly everyone I have ever met, and I am proud to be a part of the family.

Lots of Love


Thanks, Paul! You can read more from Paul at his blog here. The #GBDOC Twitter chats take place on Thursdays at 7.00am AEDT. You should sit in – they’re a very amusing bunch! 

The app mentioned above in Paul’s post is MySugr. I had a look at it when I was at the European Bloggers Summit and can’t wait for it to be launched here. It’s great to see a diabetes data tracking app that has been developed by folks who ‘get-it’. I’ll let you know once it’s available in Australia.