World Diabetes Day is celebrated each year on Frederick Banting’s birthday. Banting, of course, is credited with co-discovering insulin. That happened back in 1921, so it seems almost unimaginable that people are still unable to access insulin because it is so prohibitively expensive. And yet, that is the reality for children and adults all around the world.

Children like Manuel:

Frederick Banting said ‘Insulin does not belong to me; it belongs to the world’. Insulin belongs to Manuel as much as it does to you and me. But until he, and thousands and thousands of children and adults just like him, can access insulin easily and affordably, Life for a Child will continue to try to bridge the gap.

Read all about Manuel here. His story should be told just like anyone else’s, and in his own words. He is living with diabetes; his diabetes story is his own.

And then, once you have listened to his story, consider making a donation. (Please note that there has been a recent change to where you donate. Start by clicking here.)

Each year, on 14 November, I thank Frederick Banting for my life. I can’t think of any better way to honour his memory than donating to Life for a Child.