Towards the end of last week, I got a little rant-y at all the ads from Australian-based and owned companies filling up my social feeds, and my inbox, inviting me to shop up big in the Black Friday sales.

My understanding of Black Friday sales is that they happen the day after Thanksgiving. We don’t have Thanksgiving in Australia. And therefore, we don’t have Black Friday. I actually had to do a bit or reading up to find out the history of the whole Black Friday sale thing, because I’ve always associated the term (as do many Aussies) with bushfires from back in 1939 – not a fire sale of bed linen or mascara.

After Friday was done, it wasn’t over! By Saturday, suddenly, Black Friday ads morphed into Cyber Monday ads. And details of more sales flooded every online channel. Cue more ranting from me (who probably should get a hobby and stop complaining about crap).

Today, with all the consumerism over, it appears that it’s time for another catchy day: Giving Tuesday. But this time, I’m all over it and happy to get involved and will be making a couple of donations to charities supporting people who are unable to access basic diabetes supplies.

Diabetes is just such an un-level playing field. Some of us are in Facebook groups trying to work out how to source equipment for our DIY APS builds, while for others, sourcing insulin is impossible.

This quote from former IDF President, Professor Jean Claude Mbanya provides some much needed perspective, reminding us just how different life with diabetes can be around the world.

If you can, please consider making a donation to a diabetes charity. You can choose to go local, and support a charity that provides services to you and people in your area. Or you can look to charities supporting people with diabetes in less well-resourced countries.

Maybe you could get together with some friends or family or work colleagues and donate to the Life for a Child 1,000 Donors Campaign. Already, 113 generous people have pledged to give $1 a day to help provide insulin to children in need.

Alternatively, you can always donate to the Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign (also supporting Life for a Child) where just AUD$6 per month is all it takes to provide a child with insulin.

Insulin for Life saves perfectly good insulin from landfill and transports it to people in countries where insulin is difficult to access. Learn more about Insulin for Life by watching this short YouTube clip and then donate here.

Giving Tuesday, while really only a US thing, is something I am more than happy to embrace. As we throw ourselves headfirst into the silly season, I think it’s really important to remember those who can do with some help. And with Xmas spending about to hit frenzy levels, stopping and thinking about how you and your family and family can help those in need. (Read here for a slightly Grinch-esque idea, but one that I still stand by 100 per cent!)