Day two of #Dx2Sydney is about to kick off. Yesterday was about getting to know just who is in the room, as well as getting an idea about the product and yes, we all did get to trial it last night and most of us are now sporting little white discs on our arms. I am slowly, but surely, making my transition to droid with three medical devices stuck on my body.


The droid you’ve been looking for…

Some of us have been commenting on our SoMe feeds already about the event, so I thought I’d quickly put together a list of who is here so you can follow along. There are eight Australian bloggers here and I’d encourage you to support our local talent and have a read (not only about this event – which they may or may not write about).

Matt at Afrezza Down Under

Ashley at Bittersweet Diagnosis

Drew at Drew’s Daily Dose

Frank at Type 1 Writes

Georgie at My Lazy Pancreas

Kim at 1 Type 1

Melinda at Twice Diabetes

Tanya at The Leveled Life


There have been a fair bit of tweeting throughout the couple of days, so you might want to jump on Twitter and check out #DX2Sydney.

Also, lots of people are asking about launch details (including costs) of the Freestyle Libre. The Abbott website has all the information you need.


As explained in yesterday’s post, travel, accommodation, meals and transfer costs have been covered by Abbott. And all attendees have also been given two Freestyle Libre sensors and the reader. 

I may write about my thoughts of using the Libre device after I’ve trialled it for a while. I might not. Abbott have no input to the words I may write.