Panel at MedTech

Panel at MedTech

I’m in Sydney today for the MedTech conference (follow along at home #MedTech2015) and also swamped with the usual World Diabetes Day happenings. Which I love, because it is a chance to speak about diabetes more than usual.

On my flight up here today, I re-read some of the things I’ve previously written about World Diabetes Day – and, more broadly, Diabetes Awareness Month – and thought I’d revisit some of them today.

Like this from the first year of writing Diabetogenic. (Contains lightsabers.)

And this, where I admit to wearing blue mascara, but thankfully the photographic evidence is poor!

This post tells of a crazy 2 days which kicked off with research awards, moved on to a very early morning flight to Sydney so I could do some diabetes myth-busting on a morning television show and ended with me participating in a 24 hour tweet chat. With lots more in between!

With so many different World <insert cause here> Days, explaining why we need one for diabetes (or anything else) can be tough. But here, I justified the need, sharing my own story of a hypo that wouldn’t quit and the advocacy that came after it.

And one of the proudest mum moments I’ve had is in this post when I wrote about how our daughter became my favourite diabetes advocate with her impromptu awareness raising activities at school on World Diabetes Day.

It’s always a busy, blue-tinged time.