We got here. Thirty-two hours, four plane legs (thanks to an unexpected stop in Tampa due to thunderstorms closing Orlando airport), a kid who vomited her way through pretty much all thirty-two hours of the four plane legs, and hour and hours of low blood sugar somewhere over the ocean.

And now on my wrist is a bright green band. I’ve reconnected with friends I’ve known for years here and made new ones. And there are strangers by the pool with matching green bands and matching pumps hanging from their bathers.  


My family are getting to know the Friends for Life family, being welcomed as warmly as I was when I first met everyone.

‘They look like diabetes people,’ said Aaron as we were walking around the lake the other evening.

‘How do you know?’ I asked him, wondering if he had developed a diabetes-detecting superpower.

‘She has a pump attached to her pocket,’ he said, nonchalantly.

And she was. I hadn’t even noticed.

It’s going to be a big, big week!

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