Right. Grab a coffee. Sit down. Watch. And Read. Go!


There are times that I see something about diabetes online and it stops me dead in my tracks. Kim Vlasnik whose blog Texting My Pancreas is on my must read list, presented last month at the MedX conference at Stanford University. I have seen countless presentations about diabetes. Heck – I’ve given countless presentations about diabetes. But this? This is one of the most beautiful, powerful and graceful things I’ve ever seen. Watch it. Then watch it again. And then send it to every single person you know to give them an idea about real life with diabetes.

Oh. And this too.

And while we’re talking things to watch from superstars, let me introduce you to Krystal Boyea if you don’t already know her. Krystal is the vice-president of the IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes and is awesome. I am lucky to know her, and reconnected with her all-too-briefly at EASD in Vienna a couple of weeks ago. Krystal has done a TEDx Talk which is compulsory viewing.

Sing it girl!

Melissa Baland Lee is one talented woman! Check out the most recent (and final) of her d-parodies here. Believe me, you’ll want to watch them all!

Let’s talk about sex.

This new resource from DA-Vic was launched while I was away. Sexual Health and Contraceptive Choices for Young Women with Type 1 Diabetes is a slick, smart and sassy resource that provides important, valuable and necessary information.

These mums rock!

Earlier this year, the lovely Cath Forbes guest blogged for me about her daughter Carrie’s growing independence and solo trip to Europe. In my opinion, Cath and her husband are doing such an amazing job at getting the balance between supporting and encouraging their daughter’s independence just so perfectly right. My dear friend Annabel writes a beautiful blog about being mum to an incredibly independent ten year old with diabetes, and her recent post about preparing herself – as well as her daughter – for a school camp is wonderful. Annabel’s blog, Understudy Pancreas, is another on my must-read list.

I look to both these women for parenting tips – because the grace, intelligence and dedication they demonstrate as mothers is inspiring to say the least.

Building links: consumers + industry

Tomorrow I am in Sydney presenting at the eyeforpharma conference speaking about online communities, the rising voice of the consumer and how industry and people living with health conditions can co-exist quite happily. They can! I was interviewed by the team a couple of months ago and you can read what I had to say here.

What the….

Totally un-related to diabetes, but I watched this the other night with my cousin. Her teenage daughter and my nine-year-old daughter watched on in absolute horror as the two of us thought it was the funniest thing ever. I can only live in hope that there will be one day where I can utter the words ‘You’re missing the vagician.’

That’s it. Now back to work….