I’m a bit of a fan of the team at NCD Free.  I should put in a little disclaimer here and point out that I’ve known Dr Sandro Demaio and Giuseppe Demaio – the two very clever brothers who started the organisation – since they were wee lads. Well, ragazzi. That’s not why I admire this initiative, however. I love it because it’s bold, out there and addresses the issue of NCDs in a social, honest and innovative way.

NCDs – non-communicable diseases – refer to diabetes, heart disease, and lung diseases, mental illness and cancer. Whilst there’s a focus on prevention – and when it comes to diabetes this refers to type 2 diabetes – type 1 diabetes certainly has a place at this table.

Last week, NCD Free launched a new campaign called #TheFace and it’s something to get excited about because it does what I think is one of the most important things when it comes to talking about life with a health condition. It puts a face to what we’re talking about. It personalises it. It makes it real.

It’s far too easy to talk and think about NCDs as an abstract concept. We throw around numbers that are so huge that they somehow stop meaning anything. The problem seems too big to even contemplate or know where we start. The cost of NCDs is frightening, the numbers terrifying and the global scale seems impossible.

But putting a face to life with an NCD does wonders because it stops being about numbers and statistics and becomes about people. Suddenly, it is real.

You can get behind this campaign by sharing your story, just as I have done.

Get on board. Tell your story. It’s worth sharing.