As always, the internet is a trove of …well, cat pictures, naked photos of celebrities and silly cures for diabetes. But there is also some other stuff. You’ve just gotta look.

A Case for Action

As mentioned, I was in Canberra on Wednesday for the launch of a new Diabetes Australia report on insulin pump therapy.  You can read Insulin Pump Therapy; A Case for Action here.

ADEA Video wrap-up

The people from online magazine Diabetes Educators Update have put together a short video wrap up of last week’s ADS-ADEA conference. It was nice to be asked about whether HCPs need to consider the consumer perspective.

Try to overlook the questionable language – (diabetes sufferers’???) – I’ll be sending them a copy of the DA Language Position Statement soon.

Use words wisely

While we’re talking language, this tweet from Kim at really resonated:

Language tweet

It’s why I don’t say I’m ‘battling’ diabetes. I’m living with it. We co-exist (not always happily). There is no fighting; there is just learning to get along.

On yer bike!

Have you been following Team BG doing the mHealth Grand Tour? They have been making their way from Barcelona to Vienna. On bikes. Because they’re slightly crazy. The photos are gorgeous and I have to admit I’m a little in awe of their sportiness. Go team! I’ll see you in Vienna.

Let it go ON!

We need to talk about Frozen because pretty much everyone else on the DOC has been. This week in the US, a documentary about the making of Frozen was screened. As it turns out executive producer John Lasseter based much of the character of Queen Elsa on his kid with type 1 diabetes. I love this character for so many reasons and now, I have another one. I’m not sure that we’ve had many ‘Let it Go’ free days in our house since we first saw the film, and now I don’t care if it’s played every single day for the rest of my life! Here’s what John Lassiter had to say:

Not our turn

‘We need an ice bucket challenge for diabetes’. I’ve heard this said so many times over the last few weeks from people affected by diabetes. It’s not a sentiment I share, because this particular social media-driven stunt doesn’t belong to us.  Moira McCarthy has a daughter with type 1 diabetes and wrote this incredibly eloquent piece about how the diabetes community should be able to celebrate this for the ALS/MND community.

Moira wrote in the piece that her daughter with type 1 asked this question: “Why can’t our community be thankful another community is having success? Why isn’t that enough?”

Our turn will come. But for now, I think we should step back, support this community and this campaign however we see fit and be pleased for their success. (For the record, you can just donate – you don’t need to pour ice over your head; it’s bloody freezing still in Melbourne!).


The Medicine X (MedX) Conference for 2014 has kicked off at Stanford University. This conference is all about the future of medicine and healthcare and there is considerable consumer (patient) involvement. There are some familiar faces in the speakers’ gallery. Follow along on Twitter here.


We have a new puppy. And she is the cutest thing ever!


Happy Friday! It’s Fathers’ Day on Sunday. This is for the three men for whom I get to celebrate this day.