On Saturday, I head to Vienna for this year’s EASD conference. Yesterday, my aunt asked me if I was packed and ready to go. ‘Ha!’ I laughed. ‘Of course not! I’ll do that an hour before I need to leave for the airport. I don’t even know where we have a suitcase at home.’  I am not an organised traveller by any stretch of the imagination, and generally have the philosophy that if I forget something, I’ll buy it when I get there. (Actually, I secretly hope I’ve forgotten things like shoes and bags so I NEED to buy them when I get there….)

This ad hoc attitude generally works. Except, of course, when it comes to all the diabetes things.

I feel like I’ve got everything under control. Until I list all the little things I need to do, need to buy, need to find, need to organise. It’s nothing major; nothing big. No; it’s the little things. And they add up!

I need:

    • Insulin…(do I even have a current prescription? Call the pharmacy and check);
    • pump lines and reservoirs;
    • BGL strips;
    • to organise my loan pump;
    • to order sensors;
    • to check my travel insurance;
    • to locate a spare meter. Surely I can find a working one (without a flat battery) in the myriad spares at home or in my desk;
    • to find my letter from my endo;
    • to locate (and wear!) my medic-alert bracelet;
    • to buy hypo supplies for the plane;
    • my Frio pack…(just realised I’ve not seen it since we moved at the end of last year);
    • spare batteries for my pump…(especially urgent after getting a battery alarm this morning);
    • syringes;
    • back-up long-acting insulin…(do I have any in-date long-acting insulin in the fridge?)
    • to get a manicure and pedicure. (Okay, not strictly diabetes related, but I’ll be using this as my check list. If it’s on here, it has to be done!)

The clothes and shoes and everything else that those with functioning beta cells need to pack can indeed wait for an hour before the taxi arrives. But all the diabetes things need to be organised and sorted and planned. Five days; that’s heaps of time. And I just booked in my manicure for Friday. Organised!