On the third day of #NDW14, I’m trying to avoid the doom and gloom. Which is proving rather difficult, I have to say. Tweet after tweet; article after article – it’s all bad news and promises of complications. The negativity of the reporting of diabetes can get me down.

So I’m trying to equal things up a little.

During the American Diabetes Association conference last month, I saw this photo tweeted.

ADA stats photo

Look at those stats for just one minute and maybe bookmark this page and come back to it if you are feeling overwhelmed by what you’re hearing and reading. (You can read more about this research here.)

And this morning, this one from RCH foundation.

RCH tweet

And this from Professor Jane Speight and CERA.

Speight and CERA tweet

I am not saying that we need to sugar coat (no pun intended) diabetes and only talk about the good things. But the doom and gloom can be a little overwhelming. Equally, I am not here to be Pollyanna and start listing all the reason that we should be celebrating that we have diabetes.

However we can, perhaps, have a little bit of balance. By all means, get the message out that diabetes is serious – it is! But how about also making sure that some of the better news – advances in research; better management options, etc. are reported too. How about we try that for a day?

Have you seen any GOOD news stories about diabetes? As the #OzDOC crowd would say, share the #dlove!


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