This week in the UK, it’s Diabetes Week. I’m always interested to see the focus of campaigns for awareness weeks and this has to be one of my favourites!

Having lived first hand through diabetes weeks that have involved ticking time bombs and threats of every single diabetes complication under the sun, I wish I could give a proverbial hug to the team at Diabetes UK who have put together an empowering, positive campaign. In lieu of that, I sent a tweet.

 D-UK tweet

Using the slogan ‘I Can’ the campaign acknowledges the difficulties people with diabetes may experience, but wants to focus on the things that we CAN do. I love this!

I’ll be keeping an eye on this week’s campaign. I’m interested to see and hear the stories of people living with diabetes and how they have managed to face challenges.

I hope that this year’s initiative is a positive one for Diabetes UK and we see more of these kinds of campaigns in the future.

Check out the Diabetes UK Diabetes Week campaign here.

And follow the #iCan tag on Twitter.