On the first day of IDF, a star of the Diabetes Spotlight was Ella Adams. We wanted to hear about how children with diabetes are best supported, what works and what could be improved. In the past, we usually don’t hear directly from the young person themselves. But at the IDF Congress this year, the Living with Diabetes program team was committed to hearing the lived experience as much as possible. Ella’s dad, Jason, gave a brilliant overview of how he and his wife have supported Ella, but then he stepped aside and Ella told her own story. And she did it beautifully.

Ella shared stories about how best laid plans sometimes just go a little haywire. Admirably, she just gets on with things, dealing with her diabetes around whatever situation she is in. She is fiercely independent and is doing such a stellar job of working out she wants to do diabetes in a way that works for her. She has taken on more and more responsibility for her own diabetes, her parents stepping back as she has felt ready to step up.

We had two young people on the program in the Living with Diabetes stream this year and I am so proud that we stayed true to our wishes of handing the microphone as much as possible to people living with diabetes. We saw a different type of program and Ella was very much a part of that.

Jason filmed his daughter’s presentation and shared it on YouTube, and they have given me permission to share it here. So here’s Ella. What an absolute star!


I was the Chair of the Living with Diabetes Stream at the IDF Congress in Busan. My flights to Busan were covered by Ascensia Global (in order for me to get to Busan in time to co-facilitate their Social Media Summit). Flights home and accommodation were covered by the IDF.