One thing that is somewhat of a consolation while dealing with jet lag, is that while I’m not sleeping in the middle of the night, Twitter is right there keeping me company! There is always someone from the DOC up and ready for a chat. And if I don’t feel like chatting (because honestly, at 3am when I’ve not had enough sleep, stringing words together is a challenge), there are always things to read.

And that is great.

Also great is when people jump on board to support each other, or cheer when others are involved in an exciting initiative. (Seeing people in the DOC welcome and embrace the amazing young advocates from the Philippines as they have launched their online activities is one such example.) There is comfort in the reliability of the way people respond in those situations.

But then there is frustration in the reliability of how people react and complain about being left out when it seems some folks in the DOC are doing something. It may be an event, a conference, or people just doing stuff like starting peer support campaigns. It could be people giving talks, writing pieces or coming together on advisory committees.

I wrote a whole thing about this at 3am. Words were strung together, and I started getting strung out, so I deleted it after wise counsel from a Twitter friend who reminded me that sometimes just writing stuff down is therapy enough. (Thank you to that wise person.)

She is right.

What is also right is that there is an Effin’ Birds moment for everything in life. Even when you don’t think there is and you put a call out, the nice folk at Effin’ Birds direct you and then deliver. And it’s perfect.