I want to try something new and I need your help. I am trying to work out just how different it is around the world when it comes to paying for a vial of insulin. Here in Australia, a 10ml vial of Humolog costs me just under eight Aussie dollars. What about you?

So, I’m asking for you to post a photo of yourself, with whichever insulin you use (penfill or vial) and tell me how much your out of pocket cost is in whichever currency you use. For some, it will be nothing. For others, a lot more.

Post your photo on the Diabetogenic Facebook page, or tweet it using the hashtag #InsulinPlayingField. And on World Diabetes Day, I’ll share the results.

So go! And share this around. Let’s see how far we can get this going and how different the playing field is across the globe.