I frequently say that diabetes takes a back seat to other things in my life. Often, they are gorgeous and pleasurable and fun things – like birthdays and holidays and hanging-out-with-the-people-I-love-days.

Other times it’s because I am too busy and running around, life, work and everything else means that diabetes gets attended to when and where I can manage it.

And, of course, other times it is because I just can’t – my headspace will barely allow it.

But with World Diabetes Day, we are pretty much guaranteed that diabetes – our own and on a larger scale – will be attended to. There will be focus, there will be fuss, there will be attention.

Not this year. This year, for terrible and horrible and heartbreaking reasons, diabetes took a back seat. Because it had to. My heart bleeds, not only for Paris – a city that means so much to me and my family, a city Aaron and I visited only last month, a city where we have spent some of our happiest days – but also for the world where this happens all too regularly.

I have no more words about World Diabetes Day this year. Other than to say, it is over and felt that way, almost before it started.

Jean Julien's 'Peace for Paris' sketch gets the WDD treatment.

Jean Julien’s ‘Peace for Paris’ sketch gets the WDD treatment.