Work today involved celebrating 45 Victorians who have lived with diabetes for 50 or more years. There are no words to say how humbled and inspired I am by this group.

Congratulations to this year's Kellion Victory Medal recipients.

Congratulations to this year’s Kellion Victory Medal recipients.

The keynote at this year’s Awards was presented by one of my favourite diabetes people, Cheryl Steele who I (and many others) most fondly refer to as ‘Aunty Cheryl’.

Cheryl giving her wonderful keynote address.

Cheryl giving her wonderful keynote address.

The Kellion awards celebrate not only the person living with diabetes, but also their support network – something Cheryl pointed to in her keynote address.


I have attended about 15 of these ceremonies. They never get old or stale. Today was an absolute career highlight for me; emceeing the awards was an honour and privilege.


The stories I read out today fill me up with hope and I am inspired to keep going.

There were many quote-worthy moments from today’s ceremony, but my favourite came from 50 year recipient, Vikki Donovan who gave the following advice:

‘Don’t let diabetes impede on who you are and what you can be. Life is for living, diabetes is for managing.’

I’m a long way off getting my Kellion medal. But I will get there one day.