I accidentally bought an Apple Watch last week.

It was the day before we left for Friends for Life and we were in the Apple Store so Aaron could buy one and then I tried one on and thought about how awesome the Dexcom Share thing is (even if we don’t have it in Australia yet) and convinced myself that the watch was pretty much a medical device and got a little indignant that I couldn’t claim it on my health insurance and justified the purchase by considering the tax I could claim back before heading to Orlando. And then I breathed. (Need help justifying a purchase? Just ask me!)

The Apple Genius pointed out all the features to us and kept focusing on the health apps. I smiled and nodded and stopped listening, because: exercise. I just kept thinking about how cool it would be to take calls on my watch. Like Inspector Gadget.

I set up my watch to do the things that I thought I would use, and decided that I would also set up the activity and health tracker stuff. Gender, weight, height, activity level (low) etc. etc.

Monday was the first day that I actually bothered to check the data. By midday, I was surprised to see that I had done almost 10,000 steps. Somewhere in a part of my mind that is rarely accessed, I remember that we should aim for 10,000 steps a day. I was nearly there! By the end of the day, I had completed nearly 20,000 steps.

I need to admit at this point, that Monday was a travel recovery day for us and we spent it at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, wandering the park and being terrified on roller coaster rides. There was a lot of walking. A. Lot.

The next day, MasterLab kicked off and I spent most of the day sitting in a conference room, walking the long halls to refuel on coffee. My watch started reminding me to move. Every so often, I would feel a gentle pulse on my wrist and this message would flash up:

‘Great,’ I thought. ‘Now my watch is judging me.’

I got to the end of the day and found myself disappointed to see a total of only 9,000 steps – nowhere near the previous day’s activity.

The rest of the week in Orlando saw me regularly checking my steps and doing all I could to make sure that I hit at least 10,000 steps a day; a goal, I am pleased to say, I smashed.

I certainly didn’t get an Apple Watch with the intention of using it as an activity tracker (I have a Fit Bit lying unopened in a cupboard somewhere at home which I could have used had I wanted to do that), but it is a feature that I probably will use sporadically.

But the feature is a good way to check in and see just what I am doing.  I’ll be interested to see what my activity is when I get back home and return to normal programming.

And in the meantime, I am waiting, waiting, waiting for Share to be launched in Australia.  Because that is a tracking app I am ALL over.