Yesterday was Social Media Day. Actually, it’s still going in the northern hemisphere.

And here is an example of how to be a dick on social media:


Now, after being a dick on social media, here is what you should do. (It’s actually quite easy.)

Keep calm and say sorry

Instead here is how you keep being a dick:


(The Nick Jonas reference was in response to this tweet.)

Seriously CrossFit, shut up!

Also, if you want to insult all people with diabetes, how about trying something original? This has been done to death. Jamie Oliver did it earlier this year; Aussie comedian Dave Hughes did it a few years ago. And a pathetic little café in Sydney did something similar exactly 12 months ago today. It’s old…really old.

Making fun of health conditions is not clever. It shows ignorance and it is just plain nasty. How about you show some kindness and talk about how your program can actually help people living with (all types) of diabetes? Wouldn’t that be inclusive rather than divisive? Novel, I know.

Last word goes to the Diabetes Hero Squad (who makes me laugh daily!) with this.