I have an app on my iPhone that tells me what I was doing (social media-wise) on this day in history. When I clicked on the app today, I discovered that I am clearly a creature of habit. Here are some posts for 15 April over the last four years.

diaversary1        Diaversary5




Do you see a pattern? Every year there has been cake and ceremonial yelling from the rooftops that I am another diabetes year older. And someone – anyone – get me damn cupcake!

This year, I’m marking my diaversary with a quiet nod to the last seventeen years, but not much more. I’m just not in the right head space to do anything more.

However, today just happens to be the launch of the Consultation Paper for the development of the Australian National Diabetes Strategy and the opening of the consultation process. You can read all about it in my post at the Diabetes Victoria blog here.

Perhaps instead of using my diaversary to look back at my diabetes life and celebrate the last year, I’ll use it to think about looking forward. I. I might just find myself a little cupcake and consider what I hope to achieve in the next five years. Until there is a cure for diabetes.