‘Do you want basal with that pizza?’ We were in Little Italy at a restaurant we’d been sent to by the owner of a local guitar store.

I stared blankly at the waiter. What was he asking me? Of course I’ll need basal with that pizza – it’s freaking pizza. And I’ll need a shed-load of dual wave bolus too. Why were we even having this conversation?

‘Basil’ my husband whispered to me.

‘Oh, BASIL! Basil! Yes. Yes please.’

In Barnes and Noble the other day, loitering in the kids’ section with the kidlet, I saw this book:


The other night, wandering around a holiday market, we warmed our freezing fingers in a chocolate shop and I saw these – the perfect antidote to a syringe of insulin!


As we made our way to a guitar shop in the East Village, we walked by this diner – surely the perfect place to treat a low.


Just a couple of blocks from our apartment is this sculpture. And even though I know it’s not about diabetes, it is to me.


And every time I look up, I see skyscrapers that are shiny and edgy and beautiful. And they remind me of sharp, pointy needles.


Diabetes – if you look, you can find it everywhere…

I was more than a little honoured to see that three Diabetogenic posts from last year had been voted Best of the Betes Blogs. Thanks to Sara from Moments of Wonderful for running this – and acknowledging diabetes blogs and bloggers. And thanks to those who voted for me.