Big Blue Test

Generally, I need a bloody good excuse to consider exercising. It’s been well-documented here on this very blog that I am exercise averse and would do pretty much anything to avoid donning a pair of runners to be physically active.

Little inspires me to keep fit and I really have never, ever understood the attraction of a workout.

However, guilt doing something good so that I can boast and be supercilious is a motivator.

Enter, the Big Blue Test.

This is the fifth year the Diabetes Hands Foundation (DHF) is running this campaign which raises diabetes awareness and funds. Since it started in 2010, DHF has donated about $250,000 to charities helping people with diabetes. This year, the aim is to raise $35,000 which equate to 35,000 Big Blue Tests being logged.

In case you need a feel good reason to exercise – there it is!

BUT! There is no time to waste. YOU ONLY HAVE TODAY!

It’s easy, easy, lemon squeezy to take part in. There are only four steps:

  1. Check your BGL
  2. Exercise for between 14 and 20 minutes
  3. Check your BGL
  4. Log it – here. (Or, to be a fancy Nancy, get the iOS or Android app.)

Could. Not. Be. Easier.

By the way, exercise doesn’t necessarily mean running or walking or getting on a bike. Think out of the box. Gardening, vacuuming, walking the kids to school, washing windows can all count as physical activity. I know that I hypo anytime I so much as look at a vacuum cleaner!

And, ahem, for another out-of-the-box idea, a morning, afternoon or evening quickie could not only be the perfect interlude in your day, but also a nice way to log a Big Blue Test. Plus, it’s nice to do charity work with a loved one.

By the way, the Big Blue Test is for EVERYONE – not just people with diabetes. Those with working pancreata (it’s the plural – look it up) simply log their exercise. (And that’s ANOTHER good idea to consider the quickie idea – you get two Big Blue Tests for your buck! Oh, stop it. I said BUCK!)

What are you waiting for? Go!