On the sixth day of #NDW14, I’m looking beyond our shores and remembering that we really are lucky here when it comes to accessing diabetes supplies.

Last night, I attended a special screening of Sweet 16, a movie about a young Canadian woman with type 1 diabetes. The documentary film tells the story of Katia Shannon, who shares her story of life with diabetes.

Featured in the film is Insulin for Life, a not-for-profit organisation founded (and based) here in Australia. There are affiliates all over the world. I’ve known about Insulin for Life (IFL) for a long time and have been aware of the incredibly important work undertaken by this organisation. The objectives of IFL include obtaining diabetes supplies (insulin, syringes, BGL meters and strips) and then donating and distributing them to diabetes associations in countries in need. They also look at developing and implementing sustainable improvements in accessing diabetes supplies in countries in need.

The film last night highlighted a kids’ camp program in Ecuador. The average monthly income for many families in this South American country is $250 and a month’s supply of insulin is $200. Do the maths and think about that for a minute. You can see how dire this situation is for many families. Without IFL, many people in Ecuador would not be able to access insulin to treat their type 1 diabetes. This is just one country supported by IFL.

Today, with National Diabetes Week drawing to a close, have a look at the Insulin for Life website and see some of the amazing and much-needed work they are doing. Supporting them is good karma.

It’s Friday after a very long week, but’s not over yet? So, to keep up our energy, here’s some Georgie Fame to get you (go-go) dancing. Yeh Yeh!