It’s the fifth annual Diabetes Blog Week, with thanks to the lovely Karen Graffeo from Bitter~Sweet Diabetes. Today it’s diabetes in pictures. Come back tomorrow for the last instalment, and in the meantime, check out #DBlogWeek and follow along!

It’s Saturday and this morning, I had to work for a short while at a diabetes event. And when I was done, there was only one way to celebrate the real start of the weekend. With these:



A new cafe has opened up in my ‘hood serving amazingly good coffee and this fabulous dish. Yes – the doughcakes are delicious. They’re fluffy and light and filled with strawberry jam, which  oozes out onto the serving board in a most pleasing way. But the most exciting thing? The bacon ice cream. Yes. Bacon. Ice. Cream.

Has there ever been a better nod to the DOC than this very dish? The only way it could be better if it was served up by unicorns.

So yes. I can eat that, and thanks to that nifty little pump thing, insulin takes care of all the carbs.

There seems to be a little bit of a theme to my Saturday Snaps for Diabetes Blog Week. Last time this was the prompt, I wrote (and snapped) about cupcakes. Apparently, when it comes to pictures of diabetes, it’s all about the food for me!