It’s the fifth annual Diabetes Blog Week, with thanks to the lovely Karen Graffeo from Bitter~Sweet Diabetes. Today we’re talking about some of the sneaky things we do to make life with diabetes a little easier. Come back tomorrow for the next instalment, and in the meantime, check out #DBlogWeek and follow along!

Oh diabetes, you are a hard task master! There is much to do, so anything I can that makes life that little bit easier is a blessing!

Some of my ideas are just plain stupid, some of them actually make my life with diabetes run a little smoother. Others, I guess, are just habit now. So here is how I manage some of my day-to-day diabetes tasks.

  • Insulin prescriptions are kept in the fridge next to my actual insulin supply. This way, I always know where the next prescription is, can easily check if it’s in date, making it easier when it’s time to fill a new prescription.
  • When I open the second to last bottle of insulin, I call my pharmacy and put in an insulin order. I used to do this when I opened the last bottle, but that kinda didn’t work so well for me when I dropped the bottle. And then stepped on it. In a pair of boots. Smashed to smithereens insulin bottle (and insulin) not useful at lowering BGLs.
  • Spent pump lines are brilliant for tying up roses!
  • Ugly, (but effective) bandages work as a pump holder/holster under sexy dresses (and don’t roll down my leg).
  • I keep a box of Golden Circle pineapple juice by my bedside. Easier to drink when it’s at room temperature and great for middle of the night hypos when the thought of eating anything is just beyond me.
  • But for when I am happy to eat something, I make sure that the jelly bean jar on the bedside is always full. I hate having to get out of bed to get food to treat a hypo!
  • Thanks to diabetes, my handbags are huge! So to make finding my meter easier, it’s always housed in a bright purse.
  • An in another nod to the huge handbag, I have my diabetes contingency purse that takes care of pretty much any diabetes emergency: pump out of insulin? No problem! Open vial of insulin at the ready. Ripped our pump line on door? Stupid, but doesn’t matter! I have a spare line. Cartridge in pump jammed? Never happened, but if it did, not a problem. Spare one in purse. Pump completely died and not wanting to work ever again? Shitty, but manageable with syringe and insulin.
  • As I walk out of the consulting room for my endo (or other HCP) appointment, I head straight to the receptionist to not only settle the bill, but also make the follow up appointment (or the next couple) and the date is entered straight into my calendar, with a one week out alarm to remind me. That way, no need to call to make an appointment – something that always gets put off!
  • Pathology tests that are needed for medical appointments are scheduled in my iPhone calendar for two weeks before the appointment. No point in showing up to discuss results if the tests haven’t been done!
  • I have made sure I have never-ending referrals for my endo and ophthalmologist. Just ask your GP and if they won’t do it, find a GP who will!

I’m sure that there are lots of other things and I’ll add them as I think of them. I am really excited about today’s prompt for #DBlogWeek because it’s hearing tips, tricks and life hacks from other people with diabetes that make MY life with diabetes easier. Can’t wait to learn lots of new things.

The ultimate in Friday office dancing – Nancy Sinatra and ‘These Boots Are Made for Walking’.