The other day, I visited my daughter’s classroom because she wanted to show me some work she had on display. This term, the class has been speaking about healthy minds and bodies and one of the activities was to draw a poster about a magic medicine of their own invention.

There was hers: colourful and bright, beautifully drawn, neat handwriting. This cure-all had the ability to get rid of pimples, chicken pox and under-eye bags. All by just adding water! Her medicine comes in a variety of flavours and offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. Also, it is recommended by doctors. And Prince Harry. Don’t ask – I couldn’t even hazard a guess why!

I was chuckling away at the before and after pictures she’d drawn (I think that the developers of this particular preparation are more Ponds Institute rather than CSIRO) when I saw something extra she had added.

There, in a break out box was an extra special cure. This magic medicine will also cure diabetes – type 1 and type 2 (she’s nothing if not inclusive). I looked at it and smiled, my heart breaking a little. No other kid had added anything about curing a parent’s broken body. But my little girl had. Because diabetes lives with us and she would like to be able to fix it.

So she did. In a magic medicine of her own creation, she cured diabetes (as well as the dark circles under my eyes). All this with Prince Harry’s endorsement. What a kid!

Just add water


It’s Friday! Here’s some The Eastbeats for your listening and dancing pleasure!