NYC Half and Half and Iced Coffee.gif

Half and Half in iced coffee. God bless America!

After an absence from writing here and an absence from Australia, I’m back! Seven weeks away which involved attending a couple of fantastic conferences, visiting favourite cities and discovering new places, hanging out with old friends from the diabetes online community and making new friends, and spending quality time with my family. I was also introduced to the horror wonder that is American Girl much to the excitement of the eight year-old kiddo and the shock of her parents. I ate lots of yummy food and am in rehab for my Half and Half addiction.

NYC cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes make these girls happy!

Now I’m back and as I try to acclimatise to the weather (it was 40°C the day we left NYC and 7°C the day after we returned to Melbourne) and dealing with stupid jet lag, I am also coming to terms with a lot of other things. While we were away I had a miscarriage.

NYC Great wall of jelly beans.gif

The Great Wall of Jelly Beans at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC.

I left Melbourne for Paris feeling hopeful – I was in the early days of a pregnancy, and Aaron and I were quietly excited about the much-longed for addition to our family. And until four days before we were due to come home, we got ever more hopeful and confident that we would be returning home with some extra special excess baggage and exciting news to share with our friends and family. It wasn’t to be. I miscarried just over 13 weeks into the pregnancy.

NYC - Washington Square Park

Hanging out in Washington Square Park

I am recovering slowly but surely. I know that time allows for healing. I also know that sharing stories and talking about things helps the recovery process. Yesterday, a piece about my miscarriage was published at Mamamia. You can read about it here. It is raw and emotional and I wrote it to try to explain to myself and others the conflicting emotions with which I was dealing at the particular moment when I had to let go of my hopes.

I’ll be back writing at Diabetogenic next week – sharing some of the things about my holiday and the conferences and talking about real-life with diabetes. And about how making my own Half and Half turned out.

NYC Yankees

Let’s go Yankees!