Merry Christmas!

Christmas for me is an excuse to do lots of things I love: eat, shop for gifts for loved ones, cook, eat, catch up with family I don’t see anywhere near enough, eat, watch my mum make zippoli*, eat said zippoli, laugh (mostly at my sister’s sense of humour), receive gifts and, of course, eat.

This year, I got to do all of these things over two days of festivities. Coming from a big Italian family means our celebrations are split into Christmas Eve and Christmas Day evening. And we have lunch with my husband’s family. I can eat for Australia over the Christmas period.

Diabetes has no place in these celebrations. I check my BGLs more frequently perhaps because I spend the whole day grazing and need to do quite a few extra little boluses with my pump. But apart from that, I don’t even think about the fact that my pancreas is a lazy, good-for-nothing organ that couldn’t remember how much insulin to send out for the second piece of tiramisu** I’ve just scoffed. Good thing that I do. And that my pump isn’t on strike for having to work overtime on a public holiday.

I love that my family and friends know that this is my attitude towards diabetes at Christmas. I can’t remember the last time someone asked ‘should you be eating that?’ (It’s possible I maimed the last person who asked and everyone else learnt from that.)

For me, Christmas is about the good stuff. And diabetes just has to fit in. Happy festive season to you all!

*Zippoli (or zepolli) are Italian doughnuts and my favourite things to eat at Christmas. Here’s a recipe for you make your own.

**And here’s the recipe for the tiramisu which was my contribution to our Christmas feast(s). You’re welcome!