Wouldn’t it be amazing if on the bookshelf of every single person with diabetes (or on their eBook reader, or audio book collection) there was this book:

And in that book, was a perfectly bespoke guide for each person’s specific brand of diabetes. A guide that was relevant to that moment, to that stage of life, to that particular diabetes experience.

Right now, my Big Book of Diabetes would include information about peri-menopause, DIYAPS, building resilience, and a special section called ‘Getting through today because I have no fucks to give to diabetes’. Tomorrow, that special section will be ‘How to perfectly carb count for the mushroom risotto I’m making for dinner’, and at some point this week, I expect it will be ‘Is that niggling pain in my right foot a diabetes thing, or just because the other night I wore really high heels for the first time in ages?’

Everyone’s Big Book of Diabetes would be just what we need, in a format we love, and use words that speak to us. And it would remind us that we’re enough.

I’d buy that book. And read it each and every day.