I’m back from two-and-a-half days in Copenhagen where I was invited to give a talk about diabetes and language matters, and to run a couple of workshops about creating social media content for the 2019 DEEP Summit (please see my disclosures at the end of this post). Lots and lots and lots to write about and share once I’ve been back on Australian time for more than 18 hours, and my brain is less jet lagged and more focused.

But I wanted to share this slide from one of the other presenters because it resonated in more ways than one. I’m interested to know others’ thoughts on this, because mine keep flipping back and forwards.

I’ll be writing about this next week (hopefully), and about how I went from my initial reaction of wanting to cheer #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs, to being a little more considered at just what it is saying when we see it through a lens of inclusion and diversity of voices of lived experience.

Slide shared by Anna Birna Almarsdottir in her talk about about what it means to be person-centric from the viewpoint of a researcher.


I am a member of the DEEP Program and was invited to participate in the 2019 DEEP Summit. My flights, three nights’ accommodation and other costs were covered by Novo Nordisk. As ever, I have not been asked to write or share about my experience at the DEEP Summit or as a DEEP member. The decision to do so is my own, as are the jumble of words above this disclosure.