7am alarm.

Alarm off.

Out of bed.

Check pump site – looks a bit red so rip it out.

Into the shower.

Remove glue residue from old pump site.

Dry off.


Refill pump.

New cannula in.

Prime pump.

Apple watch on.

Check Loop app is working on watch.

Get dressed.

Tuck pump away in my bra.

Tuck RileyLink away in bra, too.

Dexcom app alarm sounds.

Calibrate CGM.

Make up on.

Run fingers through hair – that will do.

Check handbag for low supplies.

Loop low battery notification.

Get battery and coin out of spares bag.

Change battery in pump.

Double check supplies in spares bag.

Add another battery.

Throw Riley Link charging cable in handbag.

Say good bye to family.

And dogs.

Red lipstick.

Dexcom sensor expiring warning.

Clear alarm – restart will be later in the day.

Walk out door.

Get in car.

Check Loop on watch. Green and steady.

Drive to work.

Sing loudly in car.

Get to work.

Open laptop.

Grab coffee cup.

Bolus for coffee.

Walk to café.

8.14am Coffee.

Diabetes like you mean it.