The saying goes ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ and it has, to a degree, become a mantra of mine. There are a lot of things just not worth getting all worked up about, because life is too short, And there are too many coffees to drink, books to read, movies to see, boots to wear, places to visit.

So, I’ve become quite good at managing the annoying small stuff with a well-placed eye roll.

But the good small stuff? That I’m all about celebrating.

Things that I am all about doing a happy dance for include:

  • Those diabetes-nirvana moments of a 5.5mmol/l readings on my Dex.
  • The days that my cartridge running out perfectly aligns with needing to do a line change.
  • Even better – the days that a new sensor day matches line change day and I get to have a perfectly-naked-no-devices-or-tape-stuck-to-my-body shower.

    Perfect timing – frangipane tart out of the oven just as I’m sitting below target.

  • Realising the pyjama shorts I impulse bought have pockets.
  • Thinking I have run out of blood glucose strips, only to open my diabetes cupboard and see that there is another unopened box waiting for me.
  • Seeing how between my bolusing into Loop, and Loop’s magic automation has worked perfectly – so perfectly – even though I just ate a notoriously difficult to manage meal of Pad Thai, and I am smack-bang at my target two hours after eating.
  • Arriving home at the exact moment that my pump tells me its cartridge is empty, having been playing ‘insulin roulette’ all day.
  • Knowing I’m onto my last bottle of insulin, don’t have a current prescription, BUT seeing my endo that day and have already called in the insulin order from my pharmacy, so it’s ready for me to collect on my way home from my appointment.
  • Finding a bra that fits me perfectly comfortably, and securely houses my pump and RileyLink. (So I buy it in every single colour!)
  • Baking the most perfect grape frangipane tart and pulling it out of the oven, ready to serve warm at the exact moment that I know I need a few carbs to keep things right in the range I want them.

I might not get diabetes right all the time; in fact, I may actually be not good at diabetes far more often than I care to admit. But when things work out, and the diabetes planets all line up, there is fist pumping and high fiving all around. I celebrate the small victories because when you add them up, they equal a whole lot.