It’s Drop the Jargon Day. Here’s one I prepared earlier about this very topic.

So today, I am taking extra care about the words I use and the things I say and write when talking diabetes.

I know I am guilty of being very lingo-istic at times. I read through this blog and see the jargon sprinkled through posts, abbreviations and slang terms littered everywhere. (Huge thanks to someone who commented on one of my posts last week about how I need to not use anagrams so much!)

I catch myself in meetings using shorthand that makes sense to me, and correct myself by explaining terms may be like a second language to those of us required to speak it fluently, but a foreign language to those who don’t.

So today, I am going to use pictures to illustrate this issue. Because a picture tells a thousand words. And a cartoonist is far more amusing that I could ever hope to be! (Click on images for source.)

Take the pledge to Drop the Jargon here.