My head is full of lists:

  • Packing list
  • Travel checklist
  • Work to do list
  • Hug-the-kidlet-a-million-times-before-we-leave-her-for-three-weeks list
  • Diabetes-supplies-for-three-weeks-away list

And a list of great things I’ve seen online lately…


Do you read PLAID – a research journal with a focus on people living with and inspired by diabetes? If not, you should. Why? Because it’s awesome!

Here’s the link to the latest edition. I’m really proud to have contributed to it because it is (as already mentioned) awesome, and this edition is all about the patient perspective. I sit very comfortable in there!

Unspeakably Wonderful

A new movie about Banting and Best and the discovery of insulin is hoping to be made by UK production company AngryMan Pictures. Details for how you can contribute to their crowd funding campaign are here.

Diabetic Living online

The Australian edition of Diabetic Living magazine has relaunched its website with a gorgeous new look. Check it out!

Totally (dia)badass


Get yours here.

Take 5 minutes…

…and read these great blog posts that have been recently published:

  1. Anyone thinking of starting on an insulin pump and wanting a front seat view into what it’s all about should jump on board Type 1 Writes. Frank is a couple of weeks into his pump start and is sharing lots about what he is learning. I’ve been pumping for over 15 years now so have completely forgotten about dealing the challenges and successes of starting pump therapy.
  2. Lots of posts coming in from people who were at #DXSydney, sharing their experiences of using Libre. This post listed all the people who attended with links to their blogs. Have a read and share your experiences too.
  3. The Grumpy Pumper is a man of few smiles and, it would appear, few blog posts. Here is his first blog for the year. Pop by and leave a comment suggesting he blog more. Then it won’t just be me nagging him!
  4. Awesome pics in this blog from Scott from Rolling in the D. He hacked his Dexcom and this is what it looks like on the inside!
  5. Why do we need online communities? Anna from Glu gives some reasons here. And she’s right on every count!
  6. Also from Anna, this profoundly moving and brave post about her recent pregnancy loss. These stories need to be told. Thank you, Anna, for sharing yours. I am so, so sorry for your loss.
  7. This one is not a blog post, but a podcast. Stacey Simms produces some awesome podcasts over at Diabetes Connections. Do check them out!

Finally, if you’re looking for some more diabetes blogs to read, healthcare social media guru, Marie Ennis-O’Connor, has curated this list for you. There are 50 blogs to choose from. Get comfortable. Get reading!

Myths be gone

Team Novo Nordisk are doing awesome things to dispel myths about diabetes and address the issue of stigma. This latest video is terrific. Watch. And share. Share. Share.

Off to NOLA

It’s that time of year again. The American Diabetes Association Annual Meeting kicks off in New Orleans at the end of this week. I’ll be there, frantically tweeting.

I hit the road – well, air – tomorrow, so I’ll be out of touch for a bit as I embark on the nightmare transit. But I’ll be mainlining iced-coffee and beignets to keep awake and get in with it all.

Follow along at #2016ADA for the latest happenings in the world of diabetes.

New Orleans = Dr John. So here you go!