…was World Health Day. There was a lot of chatter about diabetes – it was everywhere! The focus was, as to be expected, type 2 diabetes and specifically how it can be prevented. But there was some type 1 diabetes-specific information.

This was definitely my favourite poster from the WHO’s campaign. Highlighting the symptoms of diabetes and encouraging HCPs to check people for diabetes will, hopefully, mean fewer diabetes misdiagnoses.

The BBC online interviewed UK woman, Lydia Parkhurst, and provided some balance to the day by looking at the day from a type 1 diabetes perspective.

Diabetes FAQ

A new website has just been launched which aims to answer diabetes-related questions in a simplified way. Diabetes FAQ allows readers to ask questions and then answers are added to the site’s database.

I’ve written this piece for the new site. Check it out!


Yep. We all know that.

And here is what happens when it goes very, very wrong. (Hastag #EffOff)

(And this too!)


When I was a little kid, I loved Lego. For many years, my birthday and Xmas lists were all about the stuff. Lego gifts were always given in the same way: the box was all wrapped up; I would tear the paper away; I would squeal with delight at whatever Lego masterpiece I was given, excited at what was inside the box. And then, my dad would gently take the box from me with these words, ‘Okay darling, I’m just going to make sure all the pieces are here and then you can have it.’ He would then put it together and then I would get to play with it. It wasn’t until I was older that I realised how most people did Lego!

We had some really great things and my favourite was, ironically, a hospital. A few years ago, my mother-in-law gave me a castle with a drawbridge after hearing me say once that I regretted never having had one when I was a kid. I got to put that one together all by myself.

Anyway – a clever person in the UK has decided to explain diabetes using Lego bricks. Check out Brickabetes on Twitter and Instagram.


International Diabetes Federation YLD Program President, Cajsa Lindberg has written a powerful piece about diabetes stigma and overcoming healthcare inequality. Read it here.


You may remember Sierra Anne Sandison for her ‘show me your pump’ campaign in the Miss America contest from a couple of years back.

She has recently started selling these very excellent t-shirts. The first run sold out in a few days, but they are back in stock.


Have a great weekend! In the meantime, watch this gorgeous clip from one of my all time favourite movies.