At the beginning of 2015 I wrote a post saying that while I don’t do resolutions, I would be focusing on three things: health, peace and happiness. I started off the year feeling that I had all three, and I ended the year feeling the same way.

Eschewing the plethora of ridiculous inspirational and motivational quotes filling all my SoMe feeds as 2015 drew to a close and 2016 started, I decided that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and that I would be going with the same three things throughout the new year.

A few things that have been occupying my wonderfully-blank holiday mind over the last couple of weeks:

Said inspirational quotes don’t work. It says so here.

American Girl, previously a place of fear and terror for our credit cards, has redeemed itself with the launch of the diabetes kit. Excited? Doesn’t even touch the sides!

There is a cure for diabetes and it is, of course, juice. Here you go! (Send cupcakes as gratitude.)


Woolies, it’s January. Put away the Hot Cross Buns!

My sister has been talking non-stop about her Veggeti. And she bought me one (yet to use it). Just me, or could the marketing people come up with a slightly better name? Anyway, Veggetti recipes to come.

I decided that I needed a mermaid. Isn’t she beautiful?

(Click on image for details.)

(Click on image for details.)

I am doing the #30DaysofDexcom (or any CGM) challenge because: a/ saw a bandwagon, so I jumped on it, and b/ my BGLs are better when I use CGM. It’s just an undeniable fact that for me when I am sensing, I pay more attention to my blood glucose and am more in tune with ‘doing diabetes’.

If you don’t wear CGM, but are looking to do something similar, the good folk at MySugr have a #30DLogging challenge. My mate, the wonderful Scott Johnson is one of the poster boys! Check it out here.

And that’s about it. I am still on holidays for the remainder of the week and continuing to do very little other than hang out around the house, occasionally venturing to a local café and working on eliminating my sleep debt. It has been what I would consider a very successful ‘nothing’ break!