I’m not really all that upset that I didn’t fly my car to work today, or jump on a hoverboard. I don’t mind that I wasn’t wearing a weird silver hat or tie my shoes using a pair of power laces. It’s okay that the clothes I put on this morning are not self- adjusting. I’m not sad that I am yet to traverse the space-time continuum in a DeLorean (or souped up Fiat 500).

This is how 2015 was imagined in ‘Back to the Future’ back in the mid eighties. The future was full of whizz-bang technology and most of it just didn’t play out as was imagined.

They got it really, really wrong. But that’s kind of okay.

What’s not okay are all the promises and predictions about diabetes being cured. Five years. Ten years. Whatever we have been told – it has all been wrong. Just as wrong as Robert Zemeckis, Doc and Marty McFly.