I got to Saturday evening and felt like I needed to collapse! I was more than a little diabetes-ed out. The end of last week and the beginning of the weekend were huge – attendance at a health professional event on Friday, the Diabetes Expo on Saturday and, of course, the gift that keeps on giving, the television thing on Thursday.

When diabetes is so front-and-centre, it is really tough to think clearly and about all the information that has been shoved into my itty-bitty mind. Stopping and searching around for some things I have learnt and taken away can be difficult. Which is why Twitter is good!

Here is what I learnt over the last few days.

People want information about diabetes. There is still so much misinformation out there that people living with diabetes sometimes have a hard time cutting through the noise and working out what is valuable info and what is made-up-psuedo-science-crap-from-some-idiot-trying-to-sell-you-magic-beans-to-cureall.  So it’s good to have sensible people saying sensible things! (Hashtag – Evidence)



WeekendTweet5And I also learnt that diabetes is still seen and considered by too many as a clinical condition and there is not enough attention given to the emotional impacts of living with it.


Thankfully though, I was reminded that there are people out there who can help with this!


I learnt that Twitter trolls will latch onto hashtags that are getting some attention and try to infiltrate it with their nonsense. These trolls should be ignored. Except, of course, I didn’t. (However, I will not share your Twitter handle here!)


And these nutters will try to discredit you by challenging your Nutella addiction. Fools!


I was reminded why the Herald Sun is not the place to go for credible diabetes information.


And promised baklava from one of Australia’s leading researchers in diabetes. Thanks Sof!


I learnt that it’s surprising who watches morning magazine television shows. Like the uber-cool waiter at Marios who announced loudly as we walked into the café yesterday, ‘I saw you on TV’!

I remembered that people walk away from these sorts of events feeling positive and rejuvenated and connected. Which makes them worth it in a million different kinds of ways.





And I learnt that after a hugely successful few days of work activities that hanging out with my family, listening to Carol King and drinking coffee in my favourite café and then watching the Eurovision song contest final will make me feel energised and ready to face the new week.

Hello Monday!

I know it’s not Friday, so here is something for your MONDAY listening pleasure!