It’s kinda ingenuous to refer to today’s post as ‘Wordless Wednesday’ given the image below is full of words. Plus I’m typing words. So I may as well keep typing a few more.

Inspirational quotes give me the shits. Whether it’s posters on the walls of corporate offices or on the walls of my social media feed, they annoy me.

So here’s one for today!

Know the difference

This one, (found on the Diabetes Support Facebook page), I actually rather love. I am so guilty of referring to myself as a failure because I am not managing my diabetes as well as I would like to be. But at no time have I decided that my health is not worth the effort. And certainly, at no time have I thought that I am not the effort.

But I have slipped up. I have screwed up. I have lost focus and caved. I’ve given in. I’m busy. I’ve become lazy and I have been so, so, so, so distracted. This is a set back. Nothing more. Nothing less. A set back.

Pop over to the Diabetes Victoria blog for my post about this Saturday’s Diabetes Expo. It’s going to be a jam-packed day of diabetes information! If you’re going, make sure you come and say hi to me. I’ll be emceeing throughout the day.