There are some weeks that goals are kicked, to do lists get ticked and I feel a sense of great achievement and success.

And then there are weeks where stuff just gets done – nothing major, nothing particularly significant, but still good.

  • There are fairy lights in our kitchen. The loo is next.

Fairy lights

  • I have worn my CGM all week and have not had a meltdown at any point. Plus, today, I think I will be okay wearing it a little longer. I did say that I would be ripping it out this morning because I won’t need a security blanket tonight once Aaron is back from a week away with work. I had even imagined that moment where I would tear it from my body and dance around screaming ‘I’m free, I’m free.’ Instead, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror this morning, saw how clean and pretty the tape still looked and decided to leave it in. I reminded myself that the numbers are there to help, not hinder. And that it can be a useful tool. Deep breath. Baby steps.
  • Introduced the kidlet to the Gilmore Girls.
  • Removed about 86 used BGL strips from the puppy, who discovered they are fun to push around, eat, roll in, lob at the cat, chase and sleep with.
  • Started reading ‘Bad Feminist’ by Roxanne Gay which is everything I hoped it would be.
  • Finally shared the Pumpless in Vienna story on here – after having recited it a bazillion times in presentations in the last 10 months.
  • I didn’t get a parking ticket!!! (The week is not done yet, so let’s not celebrate that one too soon.)
  • Managed to misplace my BGL meter five different times. And the collection of places where it was later found include in the fridge, inside a packet of pasta, on top of the giant jar of Nutella. Interestingly, although perhaps not surprisingly, all food-related places.
  • I got blocked from the Pete Evans Facebook page this week. This is possibly the thing of which I am proudest. Ever. In my whole life.

Things I have not achieved and had hoped to:

  • Had my blood work done. Because I still don’t want to know the results. Because I am not ready for what the results may show. Because, because, because. Just do it already, Renza.
  • Bake cookies shaped like this. I can’t find the requisite cookie cutter. (Although just got a text message from mum telling me that she may have found me one!)
  • Get better at throwing BGL strips away after using them.
  • Become good at diabetes. That is on my to-do list each and every week. Alas, it never, ever gets ticked off. (See misplaced BGL meter for example of failing at being good at diabetes.)

It’s Autumn here in Australia. We have the most beautiful Japanese maple in our front garden and the leaves are just starting to turn a stunning deep red colour. So, here’s a seasonal song from Eva Cassidy for today’s Friday listening. Have a lovely weekend.