You know how I’m always saying that I feel very fortunate to have an online community that is so wonderful? And how the DOC gives me so much? And that I get support, love and reassurance? And all that stuff about how I feel connected and part of a global community? I’m always banging on about how I have information about real life with diabetes available and I learn so, so much. All the time. And how lucky I’ve been to meet people from every corner of the world and hear about their experiences.

It’s all true. All of it. And then, it gets taken up a notch with this.

I get sent parcels in the post:


All the way from the other side of the world:


Inside, a handwritten note:


And scrunchy pink wrapping:


Underneath was the most wonderful surprise:


Most, most wonderful!


And then…


Dinner was served.

A huge thank you to the beautiful and wonderful Annie who I met because my effed pancreas and her gorgeous daughter’s pancreas are both good for nothing slobs. If I have to live with diabetes, knowing people like this make it a hell of a lot better.


The wonderful Annie (who will possibly want to shoot me and make me return my wonderful gift for posting this photo of her).