I’m going to start by being honest and telling you that I think Sarah Wilson is an idiot. Her whole I Quit Sugar bullshit is nothing more than a moneymaking scam, and I will never understand why she thinks her D-grade celebrity status gives her any credibility when it comes to offering health advice.

But today, she has gone from being just a misinformed fool to an absolute troll. Because surely, that can be the only reason she would write that autoimmune conditions are all caused by self-hatred.

Oh yes she did.

Read this. I really don’t want to promote her stupid rantings, but read it. Read the ridiculous rhetoric. Read the assumptions. Read the complete and utter lack of anything resembling evidence. Read that this thoughtless opinion was a result of watching a TED talk given by Dr Habib Sadeghi, a so-called ‘healer to the stars’.

In addition to telling the world that autoimmune conditions are a result of self-loathing (as a person with three AI conditions, I clearly despise myself!), she also writes about a magic talent she has. So magic, that I am unable to understand why she is not teaching at Hogwarts.

Apparently, Sarah Wilson has the ability to ‘spot at “autoimmune type”’. What’s an autoimmune type? Well, the type who ‘…have an intensity about them, a desire to impress. They’re always the ones at the front of my lectures, frantically taking notes. They have an air of “I’m not good enough as I am’. I know as I write this, many heads out there are nodding.’

No, Sarah, no. They are not heads nodding, you foolish woman, they are heads shaking. In shock and disgust and amazement that someone could be so stupid, and dismay and outright disbelief that someone with a megaphone gets to say such damaging things.

Helpfully, Sarah has given us the secret of how to heal ourselves from these pesky autoimmune conditions we have hated upon ourselves.

It turns out The Beatles were right – all you need is love. Self-love.

Yes. That’s right. Sarah Wilson tells us that all autoimmune conditions can be cured with self-love.

Now, I am the first person to say that we should all be kind to ourselves. We shouldn’t feel guilt for our health conditions or blame ourselves (or anyone else for that matter). And when I am feeling good about myself – when I feel emotionally robust – it certainly does make it easier to care for myself and my diabetes.

But no matter how much I like or love myself – and truthfully, I actually do think I’m a bit of alright – I cannot cure my diabetes. And it would be irresponsible of me to think that I could.

Sarah Wilson, please, please stop writing such rubbish. Please stop outright lying to people about medical issues. Stop using your wide reach to say such damaging things. Please just stop.