This morning when I checked Facebook I saw this:

Yaniger save the pancreas


Derek Yaniger is one of my favourite artists. The walls in our living room are covered in his quirky work. I’ve no idea what his connection to diabetes is or why he painted this. I am going to write to him and hope to find out. And I am going to try to get myself a copy of this and hang it somewhere

In related news, I walked into my office today and found this:

Julia painting

My very talented team-mate Julia painted this beautiful and calming piece for me to hang on the far-too white wall in my office. I am so lucky I’ll be looking at this every day I am at work.

Also in my office is this gorgeous work that won a competition we held a few years ago. It was done by a young girl with diabetes and I love how clever she has been incorporating ‘diabetes waste’ into the piece.

Hope artwork

And finally, next week, I’m in Vienna and at some point, in between the conferencing and meetings and strudel-eating and schnitzel-eating, I will find my way to the Belveder museum to see Klimt’s The Kiss.


Diabetes Art Day may not be until February, but between now and then there are lots of opportunities to look at beautiful works of art – diabetes-related and not.

It’s Friday. Of course, Billy Joel’s Vienna was the only choice for today.