Knowing what to expect when it comes to diabetes is tricky. Our day-to-day lives with diabetes can be so varied and unpredictable. The same can be said when it comes to understanding the role our healthcare team play on an ongoing basis in our diabetes management. Given that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to any area of diabetes, it can be very difficult to quantify just what we can and should expect.

So it’s great when something comes out that can actually provide some guidance as to what to anticipate when navigating the diabetes system.

IPT bookletThe Australian National Adult Insulin Pump Working Group is made up of leading diabetes clinicians from all across Australia. In response to much confusion from people living with diabetes about the initial and ongoing support HCPs provide, the group decided to try to explain what appropriate levels of care may look like, and the role played by different HCPs.

Working with Diabetes Australia, a new information resource has been developed and launched which clearly outlines the care and contact people with diabetes ought to be getting from their HCP team.

Guidelines are always a tricky little monkey. I think that problems can arise when individuals refuse to waver at all from the guidelines, using them as strict ‘rules’ from which to develop management plans. Following guidelines and getting perfect results is just never going to happen – firstly because everyone is different. And secondly because diabetes is different all the time. What works today may not work tomorrow.

Flexibility is necessary, as is the understanding that individualising guidelines is required – and will hopefully then result in people getting what they need.

This resource provides a general idea of what people with diabetes can expect their healthcare team to do for and with them. It provides PWD the understanding that at different points along their pump ‘journey’ they can ask for and expect certain levels of assistance. The resource offers key ‘talking points’ which can assist with the development of a plan that works.

Currently, this information resource can be downloaded here. Have a read and take a copy of it to your next HCP appointment. It may provide an opportunity for new areas of discussions, and open pathways for new treatment choices.


This resource was developed by The Australian National Adult Insulin Pump Working Group in collaboration with Diabetes Australia. I oversaw the contribution from Diabetes Australia. No funding arrangement is in place between the two organisations. Diabetes Australia has funded the printing of limited copies of this resource.