‘Which five albums would you want with you on a desert island?’

Putting aside issues of how to play the albums (I’ve not watched enough Gilligan’s Island to work out how to fashion a coconut, palm frond and pile of sand into a sustainable electricity source), it’s fun (and hard!) to think of the five albums I’d want to listen to repeatedly until rescued by Captain Jack Sparrow.

It’s just as fun to decide the five movies or five books I’d choose. (At least with the books, electricity is not needed.)

But what about the five diabetes things I’d want with me if I found myself stranded?

Disaster management when it comes to diabetes is something that I have stored in the to-do list at the back of my mind along with sorting out my Will and cleaning out the third drawer in the kitchen. I know I should do them, but really, really, really don’t want to. I’ll get around to it eventually.

I also think that given my personal situation – inner-city living, five minutes from the nearest tertiary hospital, know heaps of people I can call on if all my diabetes supplies get eaten by a wild animal etc. etc. it’s not likely that I am going to need to set my disaster plan in action any time soon. But never say never, right?

The only time I really think about it is when I am travelling and there is a (tiny) chance I could lose all diabetes supplies on me and be somewhat stranded without the support and emergency back-up I’m used to.  When I travel, I over-pack for any situation. I take two spare pumps, enough diabetes supplies to last at least twice the time I’ll be away and make sure that everything is packed in a bag that is never out of my sight.

But…what if?

Well, for the sake of the diabetes desert island play list game, I think it would be the following:

Insulin – obviously. Lots of it. And some way to deliver it. While I am very attached to my pump (literally as well as figuratively), for the sake of this exercise, I’m going to say that I’ll use syringes to deliver said insulin. That way, no need to worry about batteries, pump failures, infusion sets, reservoirs etc. etc. I’d also want a BGL meter with a very long-life battery and lots of strips. Of course I’d need lancets. Ha-ha-ha-ha. Just kidding.  I’m assuming it’s going to be hot on the desert island, and warm weather always results in lows, so I’ll need enough jelly beans to see me through until I find another source of glucose (hoping there will be a plantation of delicious berries somewhere). And finally, a Nutella tree. Just because.

Whilst I doubt (hope?) I’ll never be stranded on a desert island, this exercise reminds me once again that diabetes adds that extra layer to thinking about how to manage different circumstances. But I think my list is sorted. I am now going to spend some time watching Gilligan’s Island to really prepare myself.

Friday tunes. This would definitely be on my playlist. Because even if stuck on a desert island, I’d still want to listen to Tom Waits.