At this time of year, lots of chocolate may come into your life. This is to be celebrated – diabetes or no diabetes.

I don’t hand out advice, but I do share things I’ve learnt. And I’d like to share this: sugarfree chocolate is the work of the devil. It does weird things to your insides, leaves an odd metallic coating in your mouth, will make you spend a lot of time in the loo and basically tastes like crap a little unsavoury.

Eating the real thing is far better and definitely bolus-worthy. My favourite chocolate to eat at Easter is in the form of a dark chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny. I’m also partial to anything from Haigh’s chocolate.

I read the other day that if you crack open your eggs (Bunny) before eating, all the calories fall out.* So smash the bejeezus out of your chocolate before eating it, make it dark chocolate and I think that you’ve pretty much got a health food in front of you.**

Also, there is to be no guilt associated with eating any said chocolate.

Enjoy the next couple of days and I’ll see you next week with a belly full of real chocolate!


*Not proven by science. 

**I’m not a dietitian and this bit could be made up.